About LMG

First and foremost, we are sales and marketing professionals.

To this, we bring the strategic orientation, creative ability and communications skills to execute and implement our ideas in work that works…that gets real, measurable, bottom-line results in the marketplace. Most important, although our work is strong, effective and often very memorable, because we are, first and foremost, marketing people, we don’t sacrifice our clients needs to our own egos and creative desires.

What we do…

We help clients reach their full potential through strategic new approaches to sales and marketing.
We specialize in new market and new product introductions, turn-around situations, programmed selling…really, just about anything that isn’t “business as usual.”

We begin with a thorough understanding of the market, the goals and the challenges in achieving these goals. We lay out the specification of success, then develop strategies to achieve that success.

These strategies may call for anything from advertising and press releases to training programs and technical literature. Because we have broad experience in every aspect of marketing communications, we have no preconceived ideas or biases to prevent us from finding the best solution for each individual need. To us, the medium of communication is far less important than the results.

The companies that keep us:

Through more than 30 years of business, LMG has worked with a wide range of organizations, from small, entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, both domestic and international, serving industries including residential/commercial building products, healthcare, financial institutions, capital goods suppliers, educational institutions, industrial products, automotive-OE/aftermarket and governmental. Some of our clients have included:

  • Chrysler Corporation
  • Owens Corning Corporation
  • Champion Spark Plug Company
  • Pilkington, plc.
  • Demag Corporation
  • The State of Ohio Department of Travel and Tourism
  • USG Corporation
  • BP
  • Promedica Health System
  • Inland Steel Urban Development
  • Wausau Homes

We work with clients on an on-going basis, as an extension of their own marketing staff, and with others on special projects.

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