How to integrate your actions in communication and public relations software

The life of communication and public relations is very hectic. It has a lot of activities and responsibilities, which all require handling at almost the same time. The communication and public relations software can be an excellent way to ease things up. Many however do not know how to integrate activities into the software.

1. Segmenting your journalists database

IMG_0972The segmentation of contacts into a database is crucial for any business. Having your contact held in one communication department and other information held by another communication team can be problematic. The software solves this issue by making it such that there are no duplication or misunderstandings. It ensures that all the information and contacts are kept on one database platform. Each contact has a file card. The search engine filters allow you to be able to search the names of journalists and other people by language, section and also position.

2. Controlled mailings

Journalism offices are involved in the sending of heavy documents, attachments and also images, sometimes it involves sending emails in large numbers. In many cases, the huge numbers and heaviness of the files being sent may cause the email address to be blocked. This software is programmed to allow you to send out mailings. All you have to do is select a segmentation or a list, which you want to do the mailings, add your message in the editor. Once this is done, activate tracking and let known evolution of links opened or schedule It for later.

3. Social media posting

The software allows you to contact automatically all the networks that you are signed in. This saves you the effort of having to log in each time you want to post any information on any network. In fact, you can have something posted the same time each and every day.

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