Starting from Scratch

Paramount Health Care

Doing something new, such as developing and introducing new products or helping our clients enter new markets, has always been one of our specialties. And with the introduction of Paramount Health Care, we not only had the opportunity to help launch an entirely new company, but also to offer a new option in health care in our market: the first provider-owned HMO.

Paramount turned to LMG to develop a brand strategy and build awareness for Paramount so that it could be marketed throughout the region. We initially started by introducing Paramount to the employer base in the region. Our first program was a direct marketing effort whereby we targeted the top 100 employers in the region. From this direct mail campaign, Paramount was able to set up sales appointments with 94 out of these top 100 employers. We also developed all the sales materials for the Paramount sales force to utilize in presenting the Paramount product.

From there we developed the television, radio, print and outdoor advertising campaigns to establish the Paramount brand as the premier health plan in the region, so that employees began asking their employers to include Paramount in their choices for a health care plan.

As Paramount became more successful they began expanding their health plan offering to a changing marketplace. Paramount developed both a Medicare (Elite) and Medicaid (Advantage) product to serve these growing segments of the market. Again, LMG developed the branding for both these products, introducing both the Elite and Advantage products to our target audiences. A full complement of marketing vehicles was used to sell the benefits of the Paramount product offering. We also developed educational forums for potential members to attend to learn first hand what both the Elite and Advantage product offered, allowing members to actually enroll at that time.

The Results:

Within a few years of introducing Paramount to the market, it grew from being a hospital employees plan to over 120,000 members. Within the first 5 years it was considered the fastest growing health plan in the United States. It has remained a leader in the region and has survived numerous attempts by other health care systems and providers to unseat its leadership position, with many of those challengers no longer in existence.

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